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You have all made a public profession of faith, but how many of you will stand testing before God in secret? To be confirmed by a bishop is one thing, to be confirmed by the Holy Ghost is another. You may submit to an outward ceremony, and be lost for ever; but if you experience the Spirit's inward work, you must be saved. Now, I might make theologians of you, but that would not keep you from sin, or out of hell. I might make you into Bible scholars, but many a man has gone down to the depths of eternal ruin having his head stored with Bible truths. That which the Lord delights to see in the sinner who approaches Him is a broken heart. I cannot break your hearts, neither can I give you broken hearts. God alone can do that. Where are the broken hearts to be found? Only at the cross of Christ. Now, if we have broken hearts, none but Jesus can heal them. If we have broken hearts; we shall hate sin, we cannot mix up with the world, we shall long to be often with Jesus, and many a time we shall want to go home, and be with Jesus for ever. It is a fearful thing to go to hell; now nothing can keep us out of it but JesusóJesus' blood to wash away our sins, Jesus' righteousness to cover our persons, Jesus' Spirit to guide us, Jesus Himself to take care of us. See! down there is hell with all its terrors; but, if we are one with Jesus, we are safe, we are all right. I am a poor sinner with nothing to look to but Jesus, and with His love in my heart, I can cling to Him. Yes, as a poor lost sinner, I am clinging to the Rock, I am clinging to the Rock, I am clinging to the Rock. Only in the Rock of Ages am I safe."