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'I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.' (Mark 2:17) Until a sinner is wounded the Gospel cannot be received by means of exhortations to 'repent and believe.' When a minister has clearly laid down the fall and utter ruin of men he is freely to preach the whole Gospel, and make use of the exhortations addressed to the convinced and wounded according to Scripture and grace given him. It is this preaching that God has ever honored and not exhortations addressed immediately and nakedly to the dead...To call upon unconvinced sinners to repent and turn to God, many of whom in their own esteem may be believers already is to call 'the righteous' whom Christ came not to call 'and the ninety and nine just persons who need no repentance...'

He further stated that, "Because man had not in his first estate the spiritual life given him in Christ, it is not his duty by the law of his creation spiritually and savingly to repent and believe." "Simply to exhort men in a state of nature to believe in or turn to God or to call upon them savingly to repent, believe and receive Christ, is not to preach the Gospel to them."

The reply of J. K. Popham was that those who accused Gospel Standard ministers of not "preaching the gospel" were themselves guilty of this very error since the indiscriminate offer of Christ is not preaching the Gospel. Christ's command to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel" entailed preaching "the whole counsel of God," "Preach the Word" was not synonymous with "a well-meant offer of Christ" to the ungodly. In restating this truth regarding the preaching of the gospel, J. K. Popham was following in the footsteps of John Gill, William Huntington, William Gadsby (Works vol. 1) John Kershaw, John Warburton, J. C. Philpot, John Mckenzie, William Tiptaft and many more ministers of the Gospel Standard Churches who for nearly two centuries have preached in this way, and on account of it have been designated Hyper-Calvinists, and at other times have been accused of being Antinomians, both of which epithets they reject.