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MY DEAR SISTER IN THE LORD, By our friend Mrs. M. and by yours, I learn that you are in a delicate state of health, in which I sympathize with you, and trust our gracious Lord has often whispered peace to you in your affliction.

These few lines are just to assure you of my unaltered affection for you in the bowels of Jesus Christ our Lord and Head. Though it hath pleased our most gracious Lord to lay his afflicting hand upon your frail body, it is not in wrath, but in love, and most certainly will terminate to his glory and your real good. If this affliction is sent by your heavenly Father to remove you from this most miserable vale, it will be your gain. I thought to have been called away ere this, and everything seemed to say, 'Make ready, the bridegroom cometh.' But it has pleased our gracious God to raise me up, to the wonder of many, and I would hope for the good of many. The Lord only can render his word effectual, and that he has promised to do. 'My counsel shall stand.' I thought of you last week, when at the house where we first met at Mr. N.'s., Nottingham, to whom I spoke of your affliction, and also to Mrs. J. and Mrs. H., who accompanied me to Nottingham. All expressed their Christian affection for you. Mrs. J. said she would certainly write to you. There is much more in that spiritual affection begotten in our hearts by the Holy Ghost than in all natural ties; natural ties must be broken at some period, but spiritual ties cannot be dissolved, but will be more pure in the future state, when we shall be like him! O what a thought! How we sometimes seem like nothing but darkness and sin, barrenness and death; but in the grave we shall leave this vile body, and the body of sin and death we shall have done with the moment death does its kind office.

My kind love to Emma. If you cannot write, Emma will write for you. My love to father and all.--Ever yours,
23, Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square, July 4, 1835. Henry Fowler.