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Oh, how I love Thy law. (Psalm 119:97)

Yes that I do, Oh, how I do love God’s Word! Brother or sister, I’m sure you join me in that delight. Call me fanatic if you will; I know what it is to clasp it to my breast as the dearest treasure I possess; and well I may, for it is that which, by its teaching, “maketh wise unto salvation.” It is my rock, from which, when touched by the staff of the heavenly Leader, there gush out streams of everlasting life. It is my “lamp,” the brightness of which lights me across the darkened mazes of the way. It is my “looking glass,” in which I see myself a sinner, but, blessed be God, myself saved in Christ. It is my fountain, flowings of which I want every day; and when I get them, even be it only a little, oh, how comforted and refreshed to step onwards It is my quiver, and I draw therefrom the darts of winged promises and portions to resist the enemy of my soul. It is my Father’s will, revealed by the Holy Spirit to His children, and which tells them of their interest in the Covenant of Grace—“Seek ye out of the Book of the Lord and read.”

Oh! Precious and divine Book of books, every line of which is marked with the seal of high authority and every leaf bedewed with drops of love divine.

This is the Book, the teachings of which will do for us in every aspect of life, and upon which we can rest in the dying hour.

Oh, how I love Thy Word; it is daily my meat and drink. And, then, what a perpetual freshness there is in the Word of God, if it has been the companion of our lives for many years. Again and again, we are arrested by passages, the beauty of which we have never seen before, and such fresh light shines upon them that they glitter with divine truths not before grasped, and surely this very freshness proves the inspiration of the Word of God. No works of mortal man have this effect, and no teaching produces such power and glorious results as the teaching of the Bible, when the Holy Spirit is the Teacher.

The same with preaching the Word! We may have a passage unfolded in richness, but years after the same passage may be seen to have hidden riches not before handled. Oh! it is a wonderful Book, The more we know of it by divine teaching, the more we must value it, Let it be the first book upon the shelf—upon the table—in the heart—never out of sight We can dip into it in the busy moments of the day, and always find in it something fresh, and something to stay and comfort the soul.