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I have chosen you, saith the Lord of Hosts. Haggia 2:23 God’s sovereign, electing love we know full well is a subject despised by the formalist, but one that will be received with joy and thankfulness by the Lord’s living and Spirit-taught people. That it is according to God’s mind and will, there is abundant proof in His revealed Word. Angels were elected. Christ was the Elected One of the Father. His ancient people were His chosen people and but types of His elect and spiritual Israel. Christ’s own testimony when on earth was clear enough about it. He proclaimed it in His memorable sermon on the mount. He constantly taught it. It was the burden of His last prayer; and His inspired Apostles and servants, as taught by the Holy Spirit, fully declared it. And now how precious are the words of our portion, “I will make thee as a signet: for I have chosen thee, saith the Lord of Hosts.” “Make thee as a signet!” As if He would say, “Thou shalt ever be in My sight, the object of My love and so highly do I value My own, that I will defend, succor and save them.” Christ is set as the Father’s signet and all chosen in Him are in are in the keeping of the Eternal Three. Oh! If rightly understood and grasped there is abounding consolation and comfort in the doctrine of God’s sovereign, electing love! But then, it may be said, “Yes, no one can fairly read the Bible without admitting that God has taken to Himself a chosen people and loved them with an everlasting love; but what I am so anxious about is has He chosen me? Has He loved me? Well we will meet that point, as the Lord, the Spirit, shall enable us and let me ask, has He given you a life call? Are you called by grace from an ungodly world into His fold? It may not have been a decided voice call; no, His voice is now hidden, hidden under and in His Word; but has there been some portion out of that Word which, through the efficacy of the Spirit, has produced a change which could not have been of nature, but must have been of grace? If so, that call is the result of His choice and when the choice in its fruition came to the set time, then were you brought out of nature’s darkness into “marvelous light.” But a step further is there in your experience a life cry? Is the cry of the soul after God? Is it daily and constantly put up in felt helplessness- “Lord save, Lord deliver, Lord reveal Thyself?” If such be the upward breathings, let me remind you that God’s elect are said to be those that cry day and night unto God. But again, is there a life’s clinging to Christ as the only refuge of the soul? You cannot perish while clinging to Him. And such a hold tells its own tale, that you are “chosen of God,” for all His become clinging ones. And then are you a life craving one – one constantly hungering and thirsting after righteousness? Such our Lord declares “are of the kingdom of heaven;” and if of the kingdom of heaven, undoubtedly among the chosen of Christ, who are heirs with Him of the joys of that kingdom. Or, again, is your life’s desire after the company of Christ and His people? – A scriptural proof of having passed from death unto life, for such “love the brethren.” So, then if these are things that you are especially asking, we have the authority of Scripture to assure you that you are among God’s chosen ones. The life call, the life cry, the life clinging, the life craving and the life company are plain enough evidences of it. Take, then, this comfort. Let not Satan rob you of the enjoyment of your birthright. I say enjoyment, for he never can rob you of its reality. “Known unto God are all His.”