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Dear friend, --- I return you many thanks for your kindness; and may the good Lord remember you for all the kindness shown to his poor servant. I feel my unworthiness, but he makes me prove his thoughts and ways are above ours. How this morning have I thought and tried to praise him for his many mercies toward me! What I should have been had he not appeared for me; and what he has given me in hope makes me say at this time, "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord."

O my friend, do not be put off with anything short of the Lord Jesus. All heaven is in him, and misery without him. He is the delight of heaven, and his looks of love raise the poor soul up from the lowest place, and makes us feel the insufficiency of all other things. How my soul at this time is on the stretch for him, his words bring such peace, and his kisses kill me to all but himself. What my soul feels and sees in him, at times, I have no power to describe. O how I desire to set him forth to poor sinners, the very Savior that will, and only can, do them good. Satan hates him. Therefore he will try to beguile poor sinners by telling them and setting before them many things to amuse and entice them; but he is a liar. There is nothing worth having short of Jesus. “Vanity of vanities” is stamped upon everything below the sun; and this the good Spirit will make us feel; for it is his work to glorify Jesus, and he will make everything appear and feel so empty, and ourselves so miserable; and this will make us in good earnest cry out, “Lord Jesus, come quickly!”

I pray that he may bring and keep us there; for we learn more at his feet than anywhere else.

You must put up with this note, just as it is, as I am an invalid, and write in some pain.

Yours truly,
F. Covell
Croydon, May 5, 1848