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The glorious ‘truth of the unchangeableness of the Lord Jesus is revealed in the statement in Heb. 13:8—"Jesus Christ, ‘the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever."

The note of time is remarkable. Jesus is the same "to day" in glory as He was "yesterday" when upon earth. The night of death intervened between these days. That which He is "to-day" in glory he will "for ever" be in eternity.

1. His Body is the same in glory as it was when upon earth. The same kind Hands that did such good, which were subsequently pierced by the nails, still are spread in blessing. His loving Heart He still retains. It is the "same Jesus."

2. His Character is the same, sympathizing, gentle, kind, tender, compassionate. He is still the "Friend of Sinners."

3. His Natures are the same. He is God, He is Man. The Person one, the Natures two—the Person not to be divided, the Natures not to be confounded—Deity in its glory, Humanity in perfectness meet in Him.

4. His Spirit is the same in His grace and operations as the ages roll away. He still convinces of sin, reveals Jesus, comforts the sinner, and leads and teaches the saint.

5. His Word is the same. There is no change. It describes the path to heaven saints tread now as much as when Moses and Abraham talked and walked with God.

6. His Love is the same, unchangeable, immutable and eternal. It is just as free and as powerful as ever.

7. His Will, Wisdom and Work are the same. A glorious and everlasting sameness proclaims the Perfection, Deity and Eternity of our Lord Jesus. No alteration in Him is possible or desirable. "He is the altogether lovely, the chiefest among ten thousand."