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True Prayer is wrought by the Holy Spirit in the heart; it always accords with (and is never contrary to) the Will of the Holy Father, and true prayer is always presented through the Mediation of the Holy Sonóin His Name, and for His sake. Thus true prayer is to the One God, with respect to the Trinity of Persons in the Godhead. It consists in:

1. Adoration. The Holy Spirit always produces reverence and awe in the presence of the Almighty. Without the Fear of God, there can be no approach to a Holy God. We are dust and ashes. He is the Eternal Jehovah.

2. Confession of sins. With hand on mouth, humble penitents draw near to the Throne to confess their sins. It is not enough to confess in a general way that we are sinners; there will be a specifying the particular sins of which we are guilty, the making a clean breast of it.

3. Thanksgiving for mercies will have place in Prayer. Our unworthiness acknowledged, it becomes us to acknowledge the Lordís goodness to us notwithstanding. Here again, the Lordís mercies will be specified and enumerated, with an act of thanksgiving for each. Then comes

4. Petition for favors needed. This is properly supplication, and here the soul will bring special requests for special blessings. The spirit of grace and supplications teaches us what we need and enables us to tell the Lord, whether it be for spiritual or providential mercies.

5. Intercession. The believer does not pray only for himself. True religion is personal, but not selfish. There will be prayer for others, which is intercession; and, in this, the believer has fellowship with Jesus, for Jesus ever lives to pray for the brethren.